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Galicia Region

Galicia occupies the north-western corner of the Iberian Peninsula, and is exposed on two sides to the Atlantic Ocean. To the south lies Portugal, to the east Castilla y Leon.

Shaped by the waves and winds of the Atlantic, the Galician coastline is dramatic; steep cliffs alternate with coastal inlets known as rías. The region's inland areas are characterized by lush green rolling hills and it is often referred to as the Green Corner of Spain.

Moisture bearing winds from the Atlantic make this one of the wettest parts of Spain although it also receives plenty of sunshine which all helps to produce excellent white wines mainly from the Albarino grape but also from Loureiro, Torrontes, Godello and Treixadura. 

Red wines are also produced mainly in the warmer inland parts from the Mencia grape.

Galicia is home to five DO-rated wine zones. Running west to east they are: Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei, Valdeorras and the most celebrated, Rias Baixas. 

Wine Regions

The combination of climate and geography is what makes a wine. Therefore distinctive flavours come from various regions.

Wine Regions