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Quinta do Sagrado

Quinta do Sagrado is situated in the famous Douro Valley Region of Portugal.

One of the most emblematic Quintas in the Douro, located near the mouth of the Pinhão River at the heart of the Alto Corgo and the Douro.
It has belonged to the Calem family (now in its 5th and 6th generations) for about 150 years, and before that was owned by the A.A. Calem & Filho, Lda. company.

The estate has 20 hectares of vines planted on terraces, reconverted in 1986 under the PDRITM (Tras-os-Montes Rural Development Programme). Notably, the 1986 one was the third in this line of financing from the World Bank. On the Terraces, the varieties are planted in blocks and since the varieties planted during the 1980s were chiefly chosen with Port wine in mind, a system of grafting by budding has been used in order to adapt the vineyard to the production of Red wine.

Ever since the early part of the 19th Century, members of the Calem family have concentrated on trade with Brazil; they owned ships which mainly transported Wine to Brazil and brought wood to Portugal. Upon realizing that much of the wood was used in the barrel-making industry, António Alves Calem (born in 1829) founded a cooperage in a warehouse next to the D. Luís bridge in Vila Nova de Gaia.

In 1859 he made his son António Alves Calem a partner, and founded A.A. Calem & Filho, Lda.After starting to produce Port wine in the Douro, the company grew rapidly, and integrated Porto Wine, barrels and transportation to the important Brazilian market into its business. The purchase of Quinta da Foz and Quinta do Sagrado, both in the Pinhão area, occurred in the 19th Century.