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Provam is situated in the sub region of Monção in the North of Portugal producing excellent wines within the Vinho Verde region.

Producing excellent wines from the Alvarinho and Trajadura grape varieties. The Alvarinho grape rules in the sub-region Monção Melgaço where it enjoys a very special microclimate, with exposure to the Atlantic climate with high rainfall, humidity, warm and small temperature ranges, which makes Alvarinho wine unique. 



With an installed capacity of 460.000 litters, 25 % of the grapes coming form the vineyards of the partners and the remaining grapes are bought to other growers of this sub-region.
All these vineyards were selected by their viticultural and oenological potential and during the last five years they also have been studied in order to select the best ones for the elaboration of excellent and diversified Alvarinhos.