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Grupo Yllera

Grupo Yllera is a winery situated near the city Valladolid in the Rueda region of North Spain.

Grupo Yllera was founded in 1970, strategically situated in one of the most exclusive wine producing regions of Spain, that of Rueda, in the province of Valladolid, where the most outstanding Wine Cellars are found.
In the spring of 1983, the fifth generation in a lineage of wine producers, Jesús and José Yllera, the Curros, together with the esteemed enologist Ramón Martínez , decided to launch into the market a wine that was different than the usual wines of that era, a red wine made with grapes originating from the Duero valley and aged one year in barrels.
Following the first Verdejo white wines originating from Rueda we carried on to produce a great variety of wines of prestigious recognition. 
Our enologists, the Martínez’, continue developing new techniques, experimenting with a variety of grapes (Moscatel, Malbec, etc.) in order to achieve even more successes as we pursue excellence.

The sixth generation of grape producers and wine cellar owners, Marcos and Carlos Yllera, lead the way with continued investments, expansions in the wine cellars, vineyards, wooden barrels, technology and ‘eno-tourism’ (the Thread of Ariadna) and have positioned the name of wine cellars Grupo Yllera in a prestigious position. This, combined with the quality-price-personality of all our wines and our respect for the environment, allows us to be proud of our trademark.