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A productive and thick-skinned varietal, Albariño takes well to both moderate and warm climates. High yields can produce wines of less than distinguishing character, but when made with care Albariño can be quite aromatic and satisfying. Expressive aromas of citrus and stone fruits tied to a spine of vibrant acidity are common, making Albariño a wine that pairs wonderfully with seafood, especially shellfish. An ethereal saline quality is often described in young Albariños, probably imparted by the proximity of the Atlantic ocean to its most famous growing regions. 

Albariño is native to the Rìas Baixas region of Spain and the Vinho Verde region of Portugal, both of which are located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. The wines in Portugal can often contain a slight sparkle due to unresolved carbon dioxide. Albariño represents just one of a growing segment of good value wines from Spain, and is frequently a fresh and crisp choice.