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All 17 of Spain's administrative regions (known as communidades autónomas, or 'autonomous communities') are home to wine-grape vines to some degree, including the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. The greatest concentration of vineyards is in Castilla-La Mancha, but the finest and most famous wines come from Andalucia (Sherry), Castilla y Leon (Ribera del Duero) and of course Rioja.

Spain has its own system of laws that governs the production of wine and protects the individual DO’s (Denominacion de Origen)
As these laws set out minimum periods of ageing in barrel and bottle and vary from one region to another, the most important thing to remember is the order they come in of increasing age

  • Joven (young wine with no oak ageing)
  • Crianza (typically aged for 2 years with 6 months in barrel)
  • Reserva (typically aged for 3 years with 12 months in barrel)
  • Gran Reserva (typically aged for 5 years with 18 months in barrel)

Regions & Sub-Regions

  • Castilla y León

    • Rueda

    • Toro

    • Castilla y Leon VT

    • Ribera del Duero

  • Galicia

    • Rías Baixas

  • Catalonia

    • Cava

    • Monstant

    • Priorat

  • Rioja

    • Rioja Alvesa

    • Rioja Alta

Wine Regions

The combination of climate and geography is what makes a wine. Therefore distinctive flavours come from various regions.

Wine Regions